Websites need a lot of heart to give a user the magical feeling of they get me. It's the only thing that builds trust on the internet and the only thing that makes them come back.


We believe the ideal website is not about a company. It’s about fixing the prospect’s problems. Our websites are fueled by market and customer research and backed up by behavioral psychology and obsessive testing.

Michael, our founder, was confronted with clashes in human thinking from a young age. He learned that our reality is defined by what we believe it should be. It’s personal and made up by our environment. We assume everyone thinks the way we do because the people who are closest to us usually do.

In web design, this assumption can break your website. A website built on aesthetics alone is about as engaging as a pig with a golden nose ring. Without empathy for your visitors, you can’t create a connection. And without a connection, you’re just another website.

Michael experienced this disconnect first hand in real life. He was raised in Berlin by parents who fled communism in the Czech Republic. He lived in the US for many years after snatching away one of their best.

Michael felt alienated for many years of my life. It’s a horrible feeling which is recreated on a smaller scale online. Websites which fail to speak to their target audience feel shady. You can’t put your finger on it but you know you don’t trust them. It seems like all they want is your money.

Don’t be that guy. We can help.


When a client needs a website, it’s difficult to be on the same page on features and design. We all see the world differently and this leads to a lot of misunderstandings. In fact, it’s usually the most expensive part of developing a website.

Heart and Magic set out to streamline this process and introduced the Visualizer in 2017. Our proprietary technology saves you not only time and money but also shows you which features are available and how much they will cost.

In 2018, Heart and Magic started a partnership with Amercian Solutions for Business, a leading distributor of print, eCommerce and marketing solutions.


Michael Klim, CEO & Founder Heart and MagicMichael Klim has been building software and websites for nearly two decades.

As a student, he developed a software suite to protect a user’s privacy on the internet. To sell it, he had to build a website with nothing more than code and a few spare tutorials. It was then that he fell in love with creating for people.

Later on in his life, he built websites for companies of all sizes as well as for websites for non-profits.